Lead Generation

97% of American consumers learn about a local business via the Internet. - (source: Google)

Capture Your Market Share

Close new sales faster and easier than ever before with our real-time leads.

When is the best time to locate your ideal prospects? When they're actively searching for information and preparing to buy.

Whether you’re a plumber or own a car dealership, one thing unites all business owners…the quest for new customers. Business survival and growth requires this fresh influx.

Media600’s multi-pronged approach to marketing sets the stage to deliver these new prospects. Via call-to-action impulses on conversion-focused websites, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, our synergistic philosophy to capturing new leads leaves no stone unturned.

And because our success is directly tied to yours, we have “skin in the game.” When you succeed, we succeed.

Common Lead Generation Questions:

What is a lead?
A qualified prospect in your target audience who has expressed interest in your product or service in some way, shape, or form (usually via a phone call, email inquiry, submitting an online form, or social media message).

What is lead generation?
The process and methodologies used to attract prospects into actionable interest.

What is the difference between an exclusive vs. shared lead?
Exclusive leads are yours, and yours alone. They are never sold to another business, and therefore, result in much higher close rates. Media600 deals solely in exclusive leads.

Shared leads are sold to multiple buyers. The result is a fight between you and 5-10 of your closest competitors for the leads business. As a result, the lead is devalued and close rates dramatically decrease.

What is a qualified lead?
An individual that has a true, valid interest in your product or service. Qualifying parameters may include proximity to business location, amount of information provided, duration of phone contact, etc.

How is lead pricing determined?
Various factors influence cost per lead (CPL) including industry / niche, market forces (supply and demand), conversion rates, lead quality, etc. Our pricing models include pay per lead, fixed rate monthly website rental, and / or for special tasks undertaken.

What leads are considered as non-qualified and not billable?
* Contacts from telemarketers, employment seekers, or spammers.
* Duplicate contacts from the same phone number, email, or social media profile.
* Calls less than 15 seconds in duration.
* Contacts from the same individual within a 30 day period.
* A lead not within your geographic area (if applicable to your business).

What can we do to improve our lead conversion rates?
First and foremost, respond to leads IMMEDIATELY. Best case scenario, answer calls as they come in. Respond to emails, text messages, and social media inquiries in a punctual fashion. Establish follow-up protocols to reach out and “touch” the lead multiple times afterwards.

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